An Ocean of Ariels

It is always a joy for me to share creative projects with others and as a designer/maker I am always happy to share, so here it is, costumes are going really well for The Tempest, we are pulling out some wonderful pieces from our large store of costumes to create a 16th Century court of gentlemen, Greek inspired Island dwellers and this week we had a lot of fun with some dip dyeing for our ocean of Ariels, there is more than one.

I definitely don’t want to give away too much as I love surprises but I did want to share with you the fun we had on a sunny but windy Monday morning outside with big buckets of water and a lot of white muslin fabric.

Here it is in process:

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First rehearsal…

… and the ship sailed majestically – it was the director’s car that got beached! Nothing daunted, Gill steered us through a very full and highly productive day of rehearsal. It was exciting to be getting started properly and meeting up with the rest of the cast, familiar faces and new ones. Good too to start getting to grips with some of the challenges and opportunities of this production – rigging the boat for the opening shipwreck for instance, not to mention the dizzying experience of working with our wonderful chorus of Ariels! What would be the right collective noun? A swarm, a flurry, a breath? Perhaps a gust? Continue reading

The Tempest Auditions

Sunday 10th January 2016, 10-4pm, The Royal Oak, Corsham
Show dates will be 4th – 9th July 2016 at Lackham House

12250112_830784393707389_6017294820802809141_nTo be directed by Gill Morrell

Rehearsals will be every Sunday from 10am to 4pm starting on 17th April. Not everyone will be needed at each rehearsal in the early weeks, and some mid-week rehearsals will be arranged for actors with major roles. There will also be a read through of the play in February / early March, to be arranged. Continue reading