Shakespeare Shorts

Shakespeare Shorts PosterAs part of the 400th year celebration of Shakespeare’s Death we had a fantastic weekend performing 6 Short Shows of Shakespeare on the lovely High Street of Corsham and wonderful Lacock School Carpark, to amazing audiences. The weather held out and the atmosphere was fantastic. Here is a little snippet from one of our Actors:

“Well – some notes from an actors perspective:

9.45am – collected by Penny and at the Corsham Town Hall for 10am. Went on a mission to get some food for lunch time and a pepper steak Ginster for Penny. Only just made it back in time – not popular with Gill!

10.30am – ready for the off outside Mountford’s Opticians on Corsham High Street. Reasonable crowd gathering. 

Noon –  3 Corsham performances done and it’s gone pretty well with nice audiences. There was nearly a dogfight during the second performance. So then everything packed into two cars for the trek to Lacock school.

Friendly headmaster gives us refreshments and we set up.  Big BMW parked in the proposed acting area. Will the owner turn up during a performance? Will my voice hold out for 3 more performances of Lear contending with the fretful elephants (sic)?

2pm – We start again. Not such big crowds but appreciative. BMW man turns up during our 5th performance and drives out through audience during Graham’s Malvolio scene. Scenes beginning to blur together we’ve done them so often but we finish all 6 performances and consider the day a success. Chocolate cake to celebrate!” 

Jeremy Reece

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