First rehearsal…

… and the ship sailed majestically – it was the director’s car that got beached! Nothing daunted, Gill steered us through a very full and highly productive day of rehearsal. It was exciting to be getting started properly and meeting up with the rest of the cast, familiar faces and new ones. Good too to start getting to grips with some of the challenges and opportunities of this production – rigging the boat for the opening shipwreck for instance, not to mention the dizzying experience of working with our wonderful chorus of Ariels! What would be the right collective noun? A swarm, a flurry, a breath? Perhaps a gust?

As always with Shakespeare Live, the fun and the camaraderie go hand in hand with plenty of hard work and professionalism. Already characters are emerging and scenes taking shape – it’s a terrific team to be part of. And it is surely a good omen to see the sun cream being applied at the very first April rehearsal…!

In the spaces between rehearsing The Tempest, a few of us will be rolling out our ‘Shakespeare Shorts’ to celebrate the great man’s 400th anniversary on Saturday 23rd in Corsham and Lacock High Streets. While we offer our medley of Shakespeare favourites to entertain passing shoppers and tourists, you may notice that the Royal Shakespeare Company, no less, have appropriated our name Shakespeare Live for their own tribute to be screened live from Stratford on Saturday evening! Bigger stars and a wider audience perhaps, but still we know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…!

Prospero – Graham Paton


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