The Tempest Auditions

Sunday 10th January 2016, 10-4pm, The Royal Oak, Corsham
Show dates will be 4th – 9th July 2016 at Lackham House

12250112_830784393707389_6017294820802809141_nTo be directed by Gill Morrell

Rehearsals will be every Sunday from 10am to 4pm starting on 17th April. Not everyone will be needed at each rehearsal in the early weeks, and some mid-week rehearsals will be arranged for actors with major roles. There will also be a read through of the play in February / early March, to be arranged.This production is set in the early 1600s on the Greek Ionian island of Corfu. There’s  long-held tradition that Shakespeare had this in mind as his setting, and the production will make use of Greek- style dance, music, costumes, set and background ambiance, as well as using a Greek chorus of women to voice Ariel (see below).

As well as actors, we welcome new members to help with stage management, lighting, sound, costumes, set building, front of house, and more – come along to auditions or contact us directly on




Prospero – Duke of Milan, a scholar and magician , now exiled to the island

Antonio – Prospero ‘s brother, the usurping Duke of Milan, greedy and amoral

Alonso – King of Naples, Prospero’s old enemy

Ferdinand – Alonso’s son, young (max 30) and romantic

Sebastian – Alonso’s brother, though possibly a lot younger, Antonio’s partner in crime

Gonzalo – An honest, but tedious, old councillor, who helped Prospero’s escape

Adrian – A Lord

Francisco – A Lord

Caliban – Prospero’s servant, seen by him as a savage monster, but maybe more an embittered colonial slave

Trinculo – A jester, ready both to get drunk and to plot murder for wealth

Stephano – The King’s butler, also ready to get drunk and to plot with Trinculo

The Ship’s Master/The Boatswain – The ship’s company appear only in the first and last scenes, but may be included in the Lords’ scenes through most of the play


Cabin boys


Miranda – Prospero’s daughter, raised on the island, young (playing age 16-18)

Ariel – The spirit of air and sea, the powerful but ephemeral force that fills the island with magic and ‘sweet music’, in service to Prospero but promised freedom … Ariel and the associated nymphs and goddesses in the script will be voiced and acted by a Greek chorus of girls and women of all ages, who will be on stage throughout watching and leading the action. There will be singing as a group and as individuals, dance and movement (eg, creating the storm), and plenty to say – but the idea is that we can use the talents of each person, so some might take on a lot more than others – ideally about 12 women / girls in all.


Auditions are open to all comers. Shakespeare Live welcomes new members of all ages.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Gill if you want to know more about any of these roles, or if you need to audition at a different time, on

If you’ll be away on January 10th, do get in touch beforehand…



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